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Sam Jones farm at
Redditch, B97 5PR.

Attendees that register by the 23rd of June will go in the running to win a MINERAL ATTACHMENT. The day will feature presentations from:

  • Kate Phillips, Independent Farm Consultant
  • Sam Jones, Brook House Farm
  • Robert Ball, UK distributor of 3IN1FEEDERS
  • Jonathan Guy, Director of JG Animal Health
  • Gerard Roney, Director of 3IN1FEEDERS

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    • Reduce injury to stock
    • Reduce waste
    • Feed the rumen more efficiently
    • Increase weaning rates
    • Reduce labour
    • Supplement stock more efficiently as mothers and offspring can be fed different rations

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    RATION FEEDING: How the system works

    The Dual Adjustment System gives the user superior control over the amount of feed rationed to stock.

    The lick action can restrict the intake when the adjustable plates are in the lowest setting. The system requires stock to lick the feed out from between the 2 adjustable plates. The stock need to have a sufficient amount of saliva on their tongue to get the feed to stick and come back in their mouth.

    Research has shown that when the plates are in a ration setting, stock lick for 5-10 minutes and then graze. Stock usually access supplement from the feeder 8-12 times/day.

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    • Rhys Howatson Wern Bach, Llangernyw, Conwy, North Wales

      I have been using 3IN1FEEDERS for 2 years and found they can be used in a huge range of applications. I use them to reduce/eliminate costly issues of waste, excessive labour, stock losses, mismothering, over consumption, acidosis and only being able to feed concentrate. 3IN1FEEDERS provide endless solutions when it comes to feeding stock.

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    • Rob Watkins Lower Park Farm, Vowchurch, Herefordshire

      I have tried a lot of makes of creep feeders and had a number of issues:

      • the ladder ones had issues with one ewe or two lambs getting their heads stuck
      • the walk through creep feeders are hard to keep the ewes out after shearing. If they get in the feeder they can muck in the trough. This causes the lambs to push creep feed.
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    • Ken Jones Thornbury Farm, Bettws Newydd, Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales

      Before I had my 3IN1FEEDERS 1800 I had problems with my lambs getting stuck in the vertical bars of the conventional feeders that I used. If you opened the bars up too much the ewes would find a way of getting into the feed. Since I have had the 1800 I have not had any of these problems.

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    • Gareth Jones Corrin Farm, Llangammach Wells, Powys, Wales

      I first bought a 3IN1FEEDERES 800 and put it in a shed with 10 bullocks, they took to the feeder straight away using the lick feeder system. There was no bullying and they all had their fair share, bearing in mind that these were 500-600 kilo bullocks. Because they were having a little and often they seemed to pull their bellies in and put it on their rear ends, just where you want the meat.

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    • Charlie Andrews Glen Court, Llanllowell, Usk, Monmouthshire

      The 3IN1FEEDERS has proved most successful with our suckler herd. The calves look the best we have ever had and we would be pleased for anyone to have a look at them – this is down solely to the 3IN1FEEDERS.

      We had a cow that broke her leg and unfortunately we had to put her down. The calf was having a bit of milk, not a lot, but with the 3IN1FEEDERS, the calf was able to fend for itself without being bullied by the other calves and has gone from strength to strength.