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Weight of feeder: 455kg
Volume of feed: 3800 litres
Weight of feed (pellets): 2400kg
Dimensions @ cattle height: 2440 x 1650 x 2150 (LxWxH)
Dimensions @ sheep height: 2440 x 1650 x 1950 (LxWxH)
Flat-packed dimensions: 2440 x 1160 x 310 (LxWxH)
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Weight of feeder: 375kg
Volume of feed: 1800 litres
Weight of feed (pellets): 1150kg
Dimensions @ cattle height: 2440 x 1650 x 1450 (LxWxH)
Dimensions @ sheep height: 2440 x 1650 x 1250 (LxWxH)
Flat-packed dimensions: 2440 x 1160 x 250 (LxWxH)
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Weight of feeder: 195kg
Volume of feed: 800 litres
Weight of feed (pellets): 500kg
Dimensions @ cattle height: 1160 x 1650 x 1450 (LxWxH)
Dimensions @ sheep height: 1160 x 1650 x 1250 (LxWxH)
Flat-packed dimensions: 1200 x 1160 x 200 (LxWxH)
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800HD and 1800HD division panel

The division panel means different feeds can be fed from each side. This is ideal when supplementing mature stock a small ration from one side of the feeder and creep feeding their offspring a higher ration from the other.

Trough design

  • All 3IN1FEEDERS have two troughs.
  • The trough is sloped at 45 degrees. This allows all types of feeds to flow from the feeder until it is completely empty.
  • There is a 90mm outlet from the hopper into the trough. This allows coarse feeds to be used in 3IN1FEEDERS.

Hopper bracing

3IN1FEEDERS have a range of bracing in the hopper to ensure the feeders cope with being transported with up to 2000kg of feed.

Weather protection

Draining holes in trough

The troughs have 2 holes in each end of them. This allows any moisture to fall out.


The side panels are designed with a small gutter in the bottom of the panel. This ensures that any rain that does hit this panel will drain to one end and not foul all the feed in the licking area.

Rain guard area

Rain is required to fall on greater than a 45 degree angle to fall into the feed access area on 3IN1FEEDERS. If the adjustment is set correctly, regardless of a large or small ration being fed, the trough is clean and any rain that falls in this will drain out.

Highest quality components

Hot gal dipped SHS

The skids on feeders generally takes the brunt of exterior conditions. All SHS components on 3IN1FEEDERS are hot dip galvanised. These parts have triple the lifespan when compared to painted products.

Zinc coated sheet metal

The sheet metal has a thick zinc coating. This ensures longevity of product so the investment in purchasing the products pays off over more years than other products.

Stainless steel components

  • Stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers
  • The fasteners that are required to hold the adjusting parts in location are stainless steel. This ensures that the functioning of 3IN1FEEDERS will continue for the life of the product.

Filled with Front End Loader bucket or dumpy bag

3IN1FEEDERS are able to be bulk loaded. This saves time and manual labour to enable farmers to reduce the time required to manage their farm.

All 3IN1FEEDERS can be used for cattle and sheep

There are 4 bolts in each corner that fasten the skids to the hopper of the feeder. To change the feeder from cattle height to sheep height and vice-versa, these bolts can be taken out, the skids slid up or down and the bolts put back in. This flexibility ensures that 3IN1FEEDERS can be utilised in more situations on mixed farming enterprises.

Number of stock per feeder

There are many variables to the number of stock that can put on a feeder. The main consideration is what other sources of feed they have in their paddock. If stock are totally reliant on the feeders then they will visit the feeder more often. As a general rule the feeders are suitable for the following quantities of stock:


  • 150-200 ewes or lambs
  • 70 ewes with 120 lambs
  • 30-40 cattle
  • 20 cows with 20 calves
  • 40 calves


  • 150-200 ewes or lambs
  • 70 ewes with 120 lambs
  • 30-40 cattle
  • 20 cows with 20 calves
  • 40 calves


  • 75-100 ewes or lambs
  • 35 ewes with 60 lambs
  • 15-20 cattle
  • 10 cows with 10 calves
  • 20 calves

Incremental Volume Scale

The volume scale allows farmers to accurately record feed outflow. If the feed outflow is too fast then a slight adjustment can be made to the adjusters to slow the outflow and vice versa. This allows changes to be made to outflow sooner than if the whole hopper was consumed so excess grain isn't consumed, therefore feed savings can be made.




Retractable Roof

The roof pivots from an off-centre position. It is very easy to manoeuvre. When the lid is open the feeder can be completely filled. The roof design also provided a sturdy structure so it won't flap in the wind. All roofs provide full protection so the feed cannot get wet and birds cannot get into the hopper.

The roof is fastened closed by a drop lock pin. The drop lock pin is simple, effective and has excellent longevity.

Sight glasses

The 3800HD has 4 sight glasses each end and the 1800HD and 800HD have 2 sight glasses each end. These make it easy to judge the amount of feed left in the hopper without having to look inside.



The Lift Frame allows the 3800HD to be moved with 1500kg of feed in the hopper. The 1800HD and 800HD can be lifted when the hopper is full.


The Skids are made of 60mm SHS. The 800HD can be skidded full. The 1800HD and 3800 can be skidded with up to 1000kg of feed in the hopper.

Safety: Tine guides

All 3IN1FEEDERS have 200x100mm guides to suit Front End Loader tines to ensure the feeders donít slide during transportation. The 3800HD and 1800HD has the tine guides perpendicular to the trough while the 800HD has the tine guides in line with the trough.