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Added Options


Adjusting the ration can be an uncomfortable task if it's wet and muddy in front of the troughs. The Upper Adjuster Handles (UAH) can attach to the ends of ALL Heavy Duty feeders that have been made. A set of 4 handles comes in both a flat-packed and assembled version. They can be posted out to previous customers but postage will need to be added.

Pivot Trailer

Moving feeders around can be time consuming, especially if they are on an area of land that is a distance away from your main property. The Pivot Trailer has a platform that pivots down to the ground. It has a 3 speed winch for pulling the feeders onto it. Once the feeder is on the platform, the feeder attaches with a series of pins. The axle has a set of springs under it that are rated to 1400kg which allows towing at any legal speed. They accommodate all the HD and NGF (superseded) ranges of feeders. A Pivot Trailer is available in a flat-pack or assembled version.

Rubber Mats

Stock can mess up the pasture around the feeder. Placing Rubber Mats down can be an easy way to protect the surface. The Rubber Mats are 3000x1100 and 6mm thick. They're sold in pairs.

WHEEL KIT (for 500 feeder)

Moving the 500 can be made a whole lot easier with a set of 4 wheels that can be bolted onto the existing skids. These are heavy cast wheels with sealed bearings. A Wheel Kit is available in a flat-pack or assembled version.