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Mobile Grain Feeders give farmers the convenience of filling the feeders up at a silo and taking them out to the field. They are ideal for rotational grazing systems. The MGF3800/1800 is constructed by adding the single axle chassis system to the 3800/1800 stationary feeder.


  • The MGF1800 has suspension.
  • The axles are centred on the feeder to ensure the vehicle tow ball is not over loaded.
  • For stability in the field, each corner is fitted with an adjustable stand.

Creep Feeding

The wheels of the MGF feeders provide little restriction to lambs feeding from the full trough length. Lambs next to the wheels turn their heads to gain their supplement from in front of the wheels so this trough space is still being used.

3IN1FEEDERS - MGF Creep Feeding


An important feature of 3IN1FEEDERS Mobile Grain Feeders is that they have suspension. This ensures the longevity of the products by providing smooth transportation.

The suspension also allows farmers to pull the Mobile Grain Feeders at higher speeds because it can endure hitting bumps. This can save a lot of time if the feeders have to be towed more than a couple miles.

Central Wheel Position

Centralised axles reduces the load on the tow ball of the pulling vehicle. This is very important when the vehicle is an ATV. Other products that have the axle at the rear of the feeder can put up to 800kg on the tow ball when many ATVs have maximum loading of 150kg.

The tyres are only 450mm high, being 195/55/R13C and have a load rating of 900kg each. Stock can reach over the wheels to consume. Lambs that are less than 4 months of age will have to consume besides the wheels.


Weight of feeder: 600kg
Volume of feed: 3800 litres
Weight of feed (pellets): 2400kg
Gross weight: 3000kg
Dimensions @ cattle height: 3660 x 1650 x 2400(LxWxH)
Dimensions @ sheep height: 3660 x 1650 x 2200(LxWxH)
Mostly assembled dimensions: 3660 x 1160 x 2150 (LxWxH)
Flat-packed dimensions: 2440x 1160 x 600 (LxWxH)
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Weight of feeder: 500kg
Volume of feed: 1800 litres
Weight of feed (pellets): 1150kg
Dimensions @ cattle height: 3660 x 1650 x 1500 (LxWxH)
Dimensions @ sheep height: 3660 x 1650 x 1300 (LxWxH)
Mostly assembled dimensions: 3660 x 1160 x 1450 (LxWxH)
Flat-packed dimensions: 2440 x 1160 x 600 (LxWxH)
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Telescopic Stands

The Mobile Grain Feeders have a stand in each corner. These prevent the Mobile Grain Feeders moving when in use.

Stand Down

Stand Up


Many farmers with Mobile 3IN1FEEDERS reverse the feeder under a silo or hopper to conveniently load them. See the dimensions below for the MGF1800 set at sheep height. Note the roof stop has been repositioned in this image.

MGF1800 Filling Dimensions


The axles are manufactured with a step. This allows the Mobile Grain Feeders to be set at 3 different heights so they are suitable for all sizes of stock. The axle options allow the trough to be set at the heights of approximately 300, 400 and 500mm.

Axle positioned so trough set at 12"

Axle positioned so trough set at 16"

Axle positioned so trough set at 20"